My new favorite app: iHeadache

Today has not been a good day for me with a pounding headache keeping me in a bit of a fog! Luckily I was reading an article on migraines today (from my dear friend Michelle) and saw a mention about a headache app. It allows you to track your headaches and help pinpoint patterns. I never seem to know what cause mine and even with my daily medicine, the headaches can come on and be awful!

A stack of the iPods I now own... included are...

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

The app, iHeadache, is available for iPhones (I downloaded it to my iPod) and BlackBerrys. It is free as long as you don’t mind the ads. I just downloaded it and entered in my two whopper headaches for the day and I already love it! It helps you determine what type of headache you are having. You can even run reports and connect to headache resources.

Now maybe I can get some clue as to what causes my headaches (besides stress) and be able to prevent them. Or if not, at least help my doctor prevent them! Give it a try!

(Note: This post may differ a lot from my usual posts, but I felt like it was a great freebie as well as another way to save money. Any time you can more effectively treat a medical problem, rather than trying many partially effective solutions, you save money!)


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