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Magazines to read

I love to read magazines. When I was a kid I used to beg my grandmother to buy me Sesame Street magazine at the grocery store. I moved on to Sassy, Teen, and Seventeen, and have been an avid magazine reader since.

However, paying the bills for magazines can be quite tricky. They mail you multiple renewal notices often way before your subscription will expire.. It can be hard to figure out when you really need to pay. So I created a form to help me keep up with all of my subscriptions. Another form, you say? No surprise if you know me or have read my blog at all!

This form helps me keep track of:
– what magazines I currently subscribe to
– when I last purchased or renewed my subscription
– where I purchased the subscription from
– when my subscription will expire.

Now when I see a great deal on a magazine I like, I know when to get it. I also know which renewal notices to pay and which to toss. It also helps me determine what magazines to buy when my son comes home with his magazine fundraiser for school each year.

Click on the following to download my form: Magazine Subscriptions. Change the magazine names to suit your own favorites and then you can handwrite or type in the other information.

Enjoy those magazines!

Check out my friend Mara’s website, Kosher on a Budget, for great magazine deals. She posts great specials for subscriptions under $10 (frequently under $5) for many different magazines from various online sources).

For other helpful forms I have created, click here to see all my posts containing forms.


4 thoughts on “Manage your subscriptions with ease

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  1. This is a great solution to a challenge that LOTS of people face. Thanks for providing the form.

  2. Nice idea for multiple subscriptions. Just wanted you to know — usually your subscription expiration date is printed near your address block. Sometimes I just check that to see how close I am to needing to renew. Just another option…

    Thanks for all the great advice. Very nice blog.

    1. Thanks for your comment and compliment. I do know those are there, but I am so behind on my magazines that I often have old ones and new ones together waiting to be read. The form helps me not have to search through them. I also have a lot of subscriptions. Probably too many! I can’t keep up with them all, but love to read them! Hope you will read more of my blog!

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