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I have found over the years that I can save a lot by buying things online. It used to be that I would only get things online that we used a lot of (and of course, books and CDs). See my posts on “Buying printer paper by the case”, “Brighter savings,” and “Subscribe and Save.” However, now I have found so many great deals for various things online.

I thought I would provide you a list of items and websites that we frequent online:

Amazon Subscribe & Save:
– Finish dishwasher detergent
– Tide Free & Clear laundry detergent
– Clif Z Bars
– Good Seasons Italian Dressing packets
– New Morning Graham Crackers (save almost $14 off a case of 12 versus Whole Foods price)
– Seventh Generation cleaners and paper goods (sometimes Target and Whole Foods have better prices on these, it varies.)
– Batteries (Sam’s club is normally cheaper on these, but occasionally Amazon will offer a great deal.)

* Prices change frequently on Amazon as does their availability of products. So check before purchasing to make sure the item is still a good deal.

Children’s Clothing:
I have gotten great deals from Land’s End and Children’s Place online. They often run various online specials (codes) and have great clearance prices. Land’s End also has a guarantee program, where if an item wears out, you can send it back for a free replacement of the same size and type. I plan to do this for the nice pants I bought for my older son and will pass on to my younger boys.

Disney movies:
I have built up our collection of DVDs through the free sign-up movies and through various specials from the Disney Movie Club. I have even gotten great deals on box sets of TV shows we love like “Castle” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Facial wash, toner and moisturizer:
I get my favorite Earth Science facial products from AllStarHealth and save about $12 buying all three online instead of at Whole Foods. I order it with my multivitamin so I save on shipping.

Hand soap:
One of our favorite hand soaps is Jason’s Aloe Vera. It has a very light scent, cleans well, and has no harmful chemicals. I can save $10 for a case of 12 from Swanson versus buying a case at Whole Foods. (I also buy the Method liquid soaps at Target. They have refill packs that have very little packaging.)

Paper goods:
Each year around Passover, I buy our paper goods from an online office/restaurant supplier, Restockit. I end up saving hundreds of dollars off what I would pay at Party City or even Sam’s Club. This is one of the few times we use disposable dishes, because with all the cooking for Passover, I can’t ask my husband to also have to wash all the dishes! I will post more details about this in a few weeks.

Printer ink:
I find good deals on Amazon from other retailers that sell through them. I like to get the refurbished cartridges which are often much cheaper than going to an office supply store or even Target and Wal-Mart. If they don’t work well, I have never had problems getting replacements sent to me.

I save $16 on a bottle of 150 tablets of my one-a-day vitamin from Rainbow Light (versus the Whole Foods price) from AllStarHealth, even counting shipping costs.

* For more tips on shopping online, see my post “Online Shopping Tips.”


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