Purim wrap-up

I know it is almost Shabbos and we are already thinking about the weekend and Pesach, but before we move on, we need to wrap up Purim. This is a good time to make notes and reflect on what went well and didn’t go well this holiday.

Remember that Purim checklist I gave you in my post “Purim costumes and preparations,” well get it out and make some notes. Here are some suggestions:

Overall preparations:
∞ Were you doing things last-minute? How many days would you ideally have liked to start getting ready? Mark this down for next year.

Shaloch Manos:
∞ Did you forget anyone on your shaloch manos (mishloach manot) list that you want to add for next year? Make a note on your list (or as I do, a column on my Excel address book).

Costumes and Shaloch Manos:
∞ Any ideas you liked that you might want to use for next year – either costumes or shaloch manos (foods and containers)?

∞ Any notes about the sueda (either preparation, decorations, guest list, etc.) that you want to remember for next year? If you went out, anything you forgot to bring with you?

Put these notes into your typed form and reprint it. File it in your holiday binder and you are all set for next year!

Stay tuned — over the weekend I plan to post all the great shaloch manos we received this year (that will be good inspiration for next year).


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