Shaloch manos gallery 2012

Sorry to post this so late, but I wanted to share with you the great ideas that some of our friends and family came up with for shaloch manos (mishloach manot) this year.


Breakfast or lunch foods: This year several of our friends did breakfast shaloch manos with things like cereal, juice boxes, muffins, instant coffee, creamer, etc.

Outdoor/fitness: My friends Lori and Larry used a frisbee and covered it with a sports drink, a Clif bar, squeezable applesauce, and hamantashen. They even painted the outside of the frisbee with chalkboard paint and included chalk so you could draw on it! What a clever idea!

Movie night: My friend Wendy used a popcorn box and then included microwave popcorn, a can of soda and a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Poem: My friend Shari included a Purim poem and then included certain foods that matched words from the poem. Another set of friends, Sara and Hyim, did a similar thing with a different poem. Our friends Michelle and Ephraim used the Red Solo cup song and included hamantashen, a small Rum bottle, Coke, and one other item in a red Solo cup.

Food person: My friend Vicki adhered her food items together to form a man. The head was a single serve applesauce, the arms – Laffy Taffy, the body – a juicebox, and the feet – boxes of raisins. The result was very cute!

Other themes I have seen in past years:
– items of only a certain color
– a rainbow poem and then items of each color of the rainbow
– foods all from a particular country (like Chinese food, all Italian, or all Israeli products)
– foods all including a certain ingredient (my friend Gilat made homemade chocolate sauce and included other chocolate items last year)


Our friends Bella and Yosef and Stacy and Michael always include a family picture on their labels. It makes a nice touch and I love to save them for my scrapbook.

Great containers:

As you know, I am very conscientious about recycling and reusing. I always try to find a container or bag that can be reused. Some examples of containers I have used in the past have included: cloth drawstring bags, plastic containers (like Gladware), and soft plastic square boxes (from Garden Ridge). This year we used plastic cups from the dollar store.

Mid-way through filling the cups.

My cousin Sharone used a bandana for her shaloch manos this year. It looked great and can be reused easily!

Our neighbors Charlotte and Joseph used a pretty Spring basket. I think it will look great on the table with napkins or benchers!

My friend Wendy used a white paper bag. With ribbon tied at the top and a pretty label, she turned this simple container into something beautiful!

Other ideas that I have seen in past years include:
– handmade bags made of fabric
– dollar store baskets of all kinds
– wire baskets

I love anything I can reuse for decoration, serving food, or giving with a gift later!

Please keep in mind that using any of these ideas will depend on your budget, how many shaloch manos you are making, and what items you want to include. Check out more ideas at ‘Twas the week before Purim…

Please share any ideas you have seen or created in the Comments section.


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