What’s for breakfast?

Pesach cereal can cost a fortune and doesn’t often contain much cereal in the box. With four boys in our house, we can go through a box or two a day! So I am determined this year to provide my family with cheaper and better choices for breakfast.

Here is what I came up with:

∞ Yogurt, fruit, and a bit of farfel or cereal

∞ Passover muffins (There are a multitude of recipes for these in most Passover cookbooks, so I have not linked one here.)

∞ Blintzes (frozen or homemade if I get the energy and time)

∞ Passover breakfast pancakes

This is something we have never made before. I found a few recipes online that we can all try! I could not find a potato starch recipe online that didn’t have other non-Pesach ingredients. Let me know if you have one you like.

Recipe #1 with matzo meal

Recipe #2 with matzo cake meal

∞ Apple Crisp

This recipe came from an old Vegetarian Journal cookbook. I used to make it every year when I cooked for Passover at Hillel at UNC-Chapel Hill. It has become a favorite in our house. It is normally served for dessert, but last year my boys asked for it for breakfast. I think it will now become a breakfast favorite instead!

Apple Crisp

If you have other ideas for breakfast foods (besides eggs!), please add them in the Comments section!


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