Making the most of your Sam’s Club membership

(updated 3/22/17)

Most of us belong to a warehouse club like Sam’s or Costco. They are a great place to buy food and household supplies in bulk. They also have great deals on toys, books, and other home products. We have certain things we get there on a regular basis that are great for our family of six.

You do have to check prices to be sure things you buy at Sam’s are a good deal, though. I find that pre-packaged items (like lunch-size) are not a good deal versus buying in a single package and bagging them yourself! My price list is most useful in determining what to buy at Sam’s. See my post: Keeping a price list.

Some of the items we buy at Sam’s include:

  • baking supplies, spices, and salt
  • lemon juice and olive oil
  • acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and Zyrtec – Sam’s Brand
  • Ziploc plastic bags (these come out cheaper than store brands), disposable full and half-size steam pans, and plastic silverware.

But did you know that your membership offers you more than just the ability to shop at their stores?  Why not take a look to see if you are really getting your money’s worth and all the extra perks available. Here is what I found out about Sam’s Club Services.

 Check printing – I used this for my most recent check order and we paid about 1/3 of the cost of other check printing companies. They came quickly, too!

 Club Pickup – Shop online and pick up at your local store

Health & Wellness Services

Personal Servicesphoto center and tire center

Electronics and Technical Assistance

  • Tech ExpertsReceive free, member-exclusive assistance with any television, home theater, digital music player, camera, camcorder or computer you purchase at Sam’s Club.
  • Protection Plans – you can purchase plans for replacement and service of electronics or watch and jewelry care for products purchased at Sam’s Club
  • Delivery and Installation of products purchased at Sam’s Club

Auto buying program – offers special pricing and benefits

Financial Services

Business services

  Identity Protection Services from Lifelock

Health insurance – available for businesses and individuals

Discounted cell phone plans – available in store

Have you taken advantage of any of these services? What was your experience? Share in the Comments section!

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4 thoughts on “Making the most of your Sam’s Club membership

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  1. Really helpful – believe it or not, I was totally unaware of most these benefits even tho’ I’ve been a member for about a decade. Thanks for the “nudge” to look more closely at the non-shopping options offered.

  2. whats the deal? you buy sams mbr and you buy aaa mbr…no special discounts just what they normally offer?

    1. These posts are about making the most of your membership and taking advantage of all the different offers and services. Thanks for reading!

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