Making the most of your Sam’s Club membership

(updated 3/22/17)

Most of us belong to a warehouse club like Sam’s or Costco. They are a great place to buy food and household supplies in bulk. They also have great deals on toys, books, and other home products. We have certain things we get there on a regular basis that are great for our family of six.

You do have to check prices to be sure things you buy at Sam’s are a good deal, though. I find that pre-packaged items (like lunch-size) are not a good deal versus buying in a single package and bagging them yourself! My price list is most useful in determining what to buy at Sam’s. See my post: Keeping a price list.

Some of the items we buy at Sam’s include:

  • baking supplies, spices, and salt
  • lemon juice and olive oil
  • acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and Zyrtec – Sam’s Brand
  • Ziploc plastic bags (these come out cheaper than store brands), disposable full and half-size steam pans, and plastic silverware.

But did you know that your membership offers you more than just the ability to shop at their stores?  Why not take a look to see if you are really getting your money’s worth and all the extra perks available. Here is what I found out about Sam’s Club Services.

 Check printing – I used this for my most recent check order and we paid about 1/3 of the cost of other check printing companies. They came quickly, too!

 Club Pickup – Shop online and pick up at your local store

Health & Wellness Services

Personal Servicesphoto center and tire center

Electronics and Technical Assistance

  • Tech ExpertsReceive free, member-exclusive assistance with any television, home theater, digital music player, camera, camcorder or computer you purchase at Sam’s Club.
  • Protection Plans – you can purchase plans for replacement and service of electronics or watch and jewelry care for products purchased at Sam’s Club
  • Delivery and Installation of products purchased at Sam’s Club

Auto buying program – offers special pricing and benefits

Financial Services

Business services

  Identity Protection Services from Lifelock

Health insurance – available for businesses and individuals

Discounted cell phone plans – available in store

Have you taken advantage of any of these services? What was your experience? Share in the Comments section!

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4 thoughts on “Making the most of your Sam’s Club membership

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  1. Really helpful – believe it or not, I was totally unaware of most these benefits even tho’ I’ve been a member for about a decade. Thanks for the “nudge” to look more closely at the non-shopping options offered.

    1. These posts are about making the most of your membership and taking advantage of all the different offers and services. Thanks for reading!

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