Getting ready for baby – the registry

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My youngest boys are four, so I often forget to cover baby-related items on my blog. To make up for that, I am starting a series of posts related to savings on getting ready for baby. Today I want to focus on creating a smart and sensible baby registry.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of all the great baby products at the baby superstores. However, it is better to be realistic about what you might need and want and what you will actually get. For instance, don’t register for only expensive or larger items, so that there is nothing for your friends and coworkers to pick.

Tips for creating a smart registry:

Is it a good deal?

Keep in mind that not every product is a good deal at the baby stores. it may be cheaper to buy them somewhere else or online. For example, toiletry products and diapers are not always a good deal, unless you have a coupon or they are on sale. Instead of registering for every medical product and toiletry, maybe pick out a gift basket or set that you would like to try out.

Safety first!

There are many items sold for babies that are NOT SAFE for babies. Crib bumpers, comforters, pillows, sleep positioners, and stuffed animals are not safe for young children. You also shouldn’t use car seat positioners that were not made for that particular car seat. They have not been tested for use with that product. Don’t waste your money. Check out this article about Shop Smart’s advice on dangerous baby products.

Do your homework.

Read reviews on products before going to the store to create your registry. Talk to friends about products they like. Browse blogs, websites, and magazines for advice. This way you can take your time to figure out which products best suit your needs, your space, and your budget.

Register at several places.

Don’t forget about other places to register like Target (they have more selection of their larger items online) and Amazon. You can find great deals and a great selection at both! Once you register at Target, you will also receive baby product coupons in the mail.

Accept hand-me-downs.

As long as a product has not been recalled (check out the CPSC website to be sure), accepting items from friends and family can save you a lot of money. Especially if you are having multiples or you are expecting a second or third child, it may be hard to get all the bigger items on your registry. We were so fortunate to have friends that gave us cribs, clothes, bottles, blankets, sheets, and more.

Check out superstore promotions.

Babies ‘R Us has offered a trade-in event for the past few years, where you can trade in larger, recalled items in exchange for a discount on a newer item of the same or similar type. They also offer a multiples discount if you are purchasing more than one of the same item (like car seats, cribs, strollers, etc.) Ask at your local store for information. This year’s event is not currently listed on their website. 


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