Shaloch manos (and costume) gallery 2016

I can’t believe that a year has passed and I have not blogged. I love blogging and it is a great hobby, but life for me seems to get in the way! As a wife, mom of four kids, full-time teacher, and Hebrew school director, I rarely seem to have time for my hobbies! But with Purim and Pesach around the corner, I am reminded that I should blog! I am, of course, working on my Purim checklist, too!

Here are the highlights from last-year’s Purim in case are looking for a little inspiration.


I was brainstorming costume ideas with my family tonight. We are thinking of doing family costumes this year (for the first time) — if we can get all the boys to agree! Above are last year’s costumes.

My boys each had their own ideas for last year’s costumes. A, our middle triplet, wanted to be Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia books. N, my oldest triplet, wanted to be a bunny. G, my then 12-year-old, wanted to be a Lord of the Rings elf, and C, my youngest triplet, wanted to be Puss in Boots.

Mr. Tumnus costume:

  • fake fur pinned on a pair of sweatpants
  • fake store-bought elf ears
  • furry tail – hand-sewed fake fur

Bunny costume:

  • sweatsuit
  • felt circle pinned to chest
  • felt tail – white felt hand-sewed, stuffed with cotton balls
  • store-bought bunny ears on sale for Easter (Dollar Tree)
  • gloves from winter clothing

Elf costume:

  • green t-shirt (Walmart or Michaels)
  • black pants
  • cape – homemade with brown fabric, iron-on fabric adhesive, and leather cording
  • bow and arrow toy set
  • store-bought elf ears

Puss in Boots:

  • previously-made tiger costume
  • furry tail – hand-sewed fake fur
  • Pirate hat
  • wooden dagger bought at Renaissance Faire last year
  • snow boots
  • gloves from winter clothing

Really the only time-consuming parts of last year’s costumes were the animal legs and the elf cape.


I am always impressed by the creativity of others. Here are the highlights from last year’s shaloch manos (mishloach manot) we received from friends:

This was our Shaloch manos last year: a lemon poppy-seed cake, two Hershey’s nuggets, and a fake flower. I usually have three criteria for our family shaloch manos – homemade, placed in a reusable container, and creative. This past year, I did two out of three. The container is always the hardest criteria to meet without spending a fortune, especially since we make so many shaloch manos!

Amazing homemade goodies! Thank you to Hindy & Daniel, Ditza & Naftali, Raizy & Yossi, and Miriam & Shimshon!

Police theme. Thanks Ariella & Moshe!


Carnival theme. Thanks Debra & Marc!

Cupcake hamantashen – so yummy! Thanks Yitzhak & Esther!

Family themes – We are friends with two families that each year make costumes and shaloch manos in the same theme! Yosef and Bella and their family did a Mariachi theme last year and Tami and Michael did a Candyland theme with their family. The results of both were amazing!

Mr. Yuck Sour theme. Thanks Vicki & Warren!

Poems with matching foods. Some people are very clever and creative! Thank you Amy & Joshua, Vicki & Marc, and David & Debbie!

Two nautical themes. Thanks Chana & Yigdal and Shari & Larry!

Bowl of cherries theme. Thanks Suri & Yakov!

Make-your-own cookies and make-your-own explosion! Thanks Pirchie & Yosef and Jesse & Daniel!


Royal themes. Thanks Eli & Devora and Esther & Daniel!

Elegant delicious treats. Thank you Tammy & Mark and Nechama & Pesach!

Enjoy a meal on us! Thanks to Nikki & Ben and Chana & Shmuel!


Black and white theme. Thanks Talia & Chaim!

Shabbos usefulness! We use this washing cup every Shabbos! Thank you to Yaakov and Rivka Serel! The make-your-own cocktail will be great to serve a guest! Thanks Lizzie and Chris!

For more Purim ideas, check out my past Purim posts here.


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