Save on photo prints at Snapfish

Do you print your digital photos or do you just store them on your phone or computer?

Up until a few months ago, I was catching up on scrapbooking photos that had been printed before we had a digital camera! I remember we used to develop our film at Sam’s Club. I would spend extra time and money ordering extra prints to send to family and friends.

Now with email, Facebook, and other social media apps, there is no need for any of that! I can instantly share photos with anyone!

However, I still enjoy scrapbooking and framing favorite photos. I am finally up to my digital photos in my albums, which means I have been looking for the cheapest places to print them. I had previously used Dotphoto, but for the past few years they have charged a $20 fee annually to use their site. There are many other stores and websites that you can print digital photos and make photo gifts. However, I prefer Snapfish. They offer $.09 prints, many great specials, and quality products!

In the past month, I have taken advantage of several great deals on Snapfish. Just last week, I saw that they had canvas prints for 80% off! I have been wanting forever to make two to hang above our candlelighting table. So I made and ordered my first two canvas prints. I got them for $20 each, regularly $100 each! I can’t wait for them to arrive! We will finally have wedding photos to display!

A few weeks ago I also made Layflat Hardcover Photo Books for my son’s bar mitzvah. I got them for $15, regularly $50! I was able to make 4 copies for what I might pay to buy one traditional album (not including photo printing, paper, and stickers)! The deal is still available until June 30!

Today, I also took advantage of another great deal on Snapfish. If you use their app, you can get 100 prints for free each month. You can either take photos right off your phone or use ones you have already uploaded to Snapfish’s website. This was great for me since I am currently scrapbooking photos from when my first son was born in 2004! You only have to pay shipping (and therefore, no tax)!

To break it down for you, I paid $8.99 for 100 – 4″ x 6″ prints. That is $.09/print total. In comparison, here are prices at several other locations:

  • Walgreens – $.23/print when ordering 75 or more; plus time, gas, and tax.
  • Shutterfly – $.15/print + tax + shipping. One advantage of Shutterfly is that you can pick up your prints at CVS, Walgreens, and Target Photo.
  • Sam’s Club – $.08/print, but you have to factor in time, gas, and tax.

No matter what service you choose, be sure to:

  • Check to see if there are any discounts for using their app.
  • Don’t buy anything at regular price unless you are on a deadline! Most sites offer deals on a regular basis. If you don’t find the deal you want one month, they will likely offer it the next month. Before holidays are great times to find special offers.
  • Compare prices with other services before placing your order.
  • Consider buying a few items at once to save on shipping costs.

* Professional photos above taken by Angela Lamb of Artistic Soup and John Rubin.


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