Filter and fluff without waste

(updated 4/22/17)

I am always looking for products that will allow me to purchase one less disposable product and thus reduce our trash (and regular expenses). Here are two ideas for products you can reuse instead of buying disposable:

∞ Dryer balls: We started using these a few years ago and they work great. You just throw them in the dryer with your wet clothes and they prevent static and help with the drying. They work great and now we don’t have to buy fabric softener sheets! You can find these now at Target, Walmart, and Amazon among other stores.

∞ Reusable coffee filter: This will be my next reusable purchase! You can wash the filters and let them dry between uses. The reviews are great on this product, so I am anxious to try it! Check Amazon to find one that suits your coffee maker.

NOTE: When I first wrote this post, I had recommended reusable air filters. But I have read that these are not really such a great deal. They do not catch smaller particles and do not have as high of a quality rating as disposable ones. Read more here. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of disposable air filters, look for ones with recycled content and an Energy Star logo.

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