9 apps to earn money with your Smartphone!

(updated 3/4/20)

For the past year plus, I have been using several apps on my phone to earn money. It may seem like a drop in the bucket to earn $3 or $5 here and there, but I can attest that it really adds up! Through the apps below I earned more than $480 in one year!

Check out the following money-making apps:


1) Ibotta – This is by far my favorite of the apps I have started using. You can earn money back by selecting offers at your favorite stores. You then buy those items and take a picture of your receipt to earn cash back. You can get money back via Paypal or various gift cards. Offers are available for specific brands as well as any brand. You can also earn a percentage back from mobile purchases, but I prefer to use the Honey extension for that. I have been averaging about $20 of earnings each month.

2) InboxDollars – This app can be used on your phone or computer. I prefer my smartphone, because I can do a quick activities during downtime, i.e. waiting at a doctor’s office, waiting at carpool, etc. You can earn money by completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, reading Paid Emails, playing games, and more! You can also earn money back for purchasing a Groupon through their link. I have already earned more than $42 on this app!

The most lucrative offers I have completed through this site were trying Noom (which I am currently using for weight loss), signing up for Aspiration Banking, and joining OneOpinion survey site.

I do not like the search engine on this app, though, and do not use it to earn money.

Note: Be careful of the Big Dollar or Win $1000 offers. These often lead you down a rabbit hole of ads and offers and you only earn money if you complete one or more of the deals offered. Also, the offers portion is not available on the ios version of this app.

3) Shoptracker – With this app, you can earn $3 a month just for sharing your Amazon purchase history with them. You earn Amazon gift cards for your efforts. Check out my post with more details here. Click the app name to sign up!


4) Fetch Rewards – This app is a little slower to earn rewards, but again it all adds up! You scan your receipts and earn points for each receipt (about $.03 per receipt). You can also earn additional points for purchasing specific brands or offers. Use my refferal code K7RNF and we both earn 2000 points (worth $2)!

5) MobileXpression – With this app, you can earn weekly credits for sharing information on your mobile data usage. The app works in the background of your device. You typically earn 5 points a week (30 points = $5 gift card, 50 points – $10 gift card). You can earn a gift card reward after your first week of signing up, too! I had to uninstall this app when I switched to an iPhone. It was blocking my email from working.

6) S’more – This app allows you to earn points by hosting ads and content on your phone’s lock screen. You can earn $.10 a day for allowing the ads. You can also earn more points for watching videos and taking surveys. Use my referral code Y74YVZ and we both get 25 points! One point = $.01 and you can cash out with as little as 100 points! Points can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, Target, CVS, and more! This app is not available for ios systems.


7) Shopkick – You basically scan barcodes of items when you are in the store to earn points. You can also earn points (kicks) for purchasing specific items at participating stores (and scan your receipt) and completing online offers.

I think the best way to earn points on this app is to have your children scan products while you are shopping! Great way to keep them busy and earn a little cash. You can also earn points from walking into stores when the app is on and watching product videos on the app. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon and other stores. Some stores also let you link your debit card and you earn points automatically when you shop there.  Use my referral code MALL222929 and we both earn 250 kicks/points!

8) Drop – This one is also a bit slow to pay out, but it all adds up! You can link your debit card to this app and when you shop at any one of your 5 power offers (that you choose from those available), you earn points. I chose Walmart as one of my offers and have already earned more than 9000 points. 25,000 points = $25 gift card!

You can also earn points from making online purchases through the app. I prefer to use Honey for this because it also tries out available coupon codes for you. However, if you are going to shop through your mobile device, check out this or Ibotta to earn your rewards! You can also shop via your desktop by requesting a link sent via email. I plan to do this for my next Brandless purchase! Use my referral code fi6mm and we both earn $5 worth of points!

9) Dabbl – This is a fun app that allows you to earn points from taking visual quizzes and watching advertising videos. The money is slow to add up, but if you have a few minutes here and there, try it out! Use the link above to earn us both points! They also have surveys on this app. They are much easier than on some other apps and less glitchy.

I have tried all of these apps and have tried to offer you my honest opinion of each one! I am aware these sites are tracking my usage and purchasing habits, but getting rewarded for it makes it fine to me. Let me know what you think of these apps!



2 thoughts on “9 apps to earn money with your Smartphone!

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  1. Rachel, Again, another informative post. Thank you.

    I hope I am wrong about my concerns with all these apps you described, but it sounds to me like you are giving away an awful lot of personal information about your buying habits. What do these apps do with the data they get from subscribers?

    I may just be overly cautious but thought I would bring up the possibility.

    1. Glad you liked it. These apps are using the data to inform companies of products people like, Internet viewing habits, etc. The data is passed along without your “personal” information. Hope this helps!

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