Save & earn money on your computer with Honey and Swagbucks

During my online shopping last night (thanks Kosher on a Budget for your alert about a fantastic deal), I remembered about a service I already had loaded on my computer Internet browser — Honey.

codes-savings honey

I had written about Honey in my previous blog post – Find the best online coupon codes with Honey. When you visit an online shopping website with Honey loaded on your browser, it will  try out all available coupon codes to find you the best deal. It also allows you to find the best deals on Amazon and watch for Amazon price changes. What I had forgotten about was that I had also been earning points every time I shopped through my computer!

If there are no codes offered by that retailer, Honey will tell you how much cash back (in the form of points) you can get from ordering from that store. They also often offer bonus points for shopping on various websites with Honey.

I checked my account last night and somehow I had accrued $20 in points from my regular shopping without making any extra effort! I redeemed it for an Amazon gift card and within minutes applied it to my account! I am going to try to remember to do less shopping from my smartphone so that I can take advantage of more savings!

Easy money!

swagbucks logo

So today I was inspired to check my other points-earning account. With Swagbucks, you can earn points for browsing with their browser, answering polls, watching videos, entering contests, and more. I do not use the shopping part, though, since I find that Honey produces more rewards with the codes, percent back, and bonus points. However, just from doing any searches from their site, I had enough points to get another Amazon reward. There are other rewards as well. I have not used it so much lately, but I did have enough for $3! I have redeemed my points in the past for $5 rewards. You can choose when you want to redeem your points!

Try them out! Two easy ways to let your computer save and earn you money!

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