Keeping your children busy during the Coronavirus quarantine

(updated 6/25/20)

We found out Sunday (3/15/20) that our local Jewish schools will be closed for at least the next two weeks, possibly until after Pesach. The public and private schools have been mandated to do the same by Wednesday. As a teacher, I have been researching ideas for how my students can continue learning at home during this time.

School closure provides a challenge for all families especially as not everyone is a stay-at-home parent. Some may have to work from home, some may have to still go in to work, and others may have to miss work entirely to care for their children out of school.

My goal in my research has been to assemble some easy ideas that any parent can use when they are home with their kids, some which will be useful if a parent has to work while also taking care of their children. Of course, schools will be sending their own materials, but this will be hard to create for the younger grades (i.e. early childhood). Also, we must keep in mind that home and school are very different, so kids may need downtime from their work sent home from school.

In line with my Summer Bingo, I have created a “Family Fun and Learning at Home” Bingo. I compiled activity ideas from a variety of sources to give you quick ideas to keep your kids busy, learning, and having fun. Many can be done without much supervision if you have work to do or if any older sibling will be watching the other kids. I have also researched various online resources that can be helpful during this time.

My kids and I have always enjoyed our Summer Bingo game. See my post Camp Mommy – Summer fun with kids (2019 Update) for details. We try to do as many things on the bingo board in the course of the summer. I plan to try to do the same with this new one, picking 1-2 activities a day, or more as time allows.

Family Fun Bingo header

Download your FREE copy here:

Family Fun & Learning at Home Bingo – pdf version

kid computer


General tips:

Virtual learning:

Read alouds:

Audiobooks, podcasts, and ebooks:

Travel the world:

Education companies offering free resources during school closures:

Articles with a variety of family activities:


Art and Music:


Educational shows:

Movement and mindfulness activities:

Other Kids’ Entertainment:

* Here is another list that includes more resources related to learning specific topics:
A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!

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May we see this terrible virus gone soon, our children back in school, and everyone back to work!


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