Jewish resources for families during the Coronavirus quarantine

My previous posts have centered on general resources for families (of any religion) during this coronavirus quarantine. However, two friends recently sent me a multitude of resources for specifically Jewish families. I have compiled them below to help my Jewish readers.


Torah learning on the phone:

  • Pirchei Agudas Yisroel: 718-663-0212
  • Wonderwords: 646-726-9977 or 212-444-1119 – 30 minute presentations every hour
  • Mishnah Rishonah: 929-299-6700 (Mishnayos taught by Rabbi Fishel Schachter). This is an outstanding way for children to learn mishnayos, they can set goals and even take tests on what they learn.
  • Kol Halashon: 718-906-6400
  • Circle Hotline: 347-996-5437
  • Mordechai Hatzadik: 646-726-9977
  • Kol Yaldei Yisroel: 718)-682-2632
  • Jewish Bedtime Stories: 718-682-2777



Torah videos and more:

Jewish games:

  • Torah Gamesmany of their games are also available as apps

Jewish websites with a variety of content:

Other Torah resources:

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Thank you Debbie and Dan’s Deals for the great information!



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