Preparing for Purim 2021

Part of me has not wanted to face that Purim is less than three weeks away. I am sad that with Coronavirus still around, we won’t be having a seuda with others and megillah readings may look quite different than ever before. Even my kids’ school festivities are being truncated. But, as we have faced this whole year of different, there are certain traditions and mitzvahs we still CAN do.

To that end, I have been hard at work planning our shaloch manos and costumes, just maybe in a simpler way than other years. We are not going to do homemade food for our personal shaloch manos, just in case that makes anyone uncomfortable. I may not spend as much time on this year’s costumes, either, without fun school events to show them off.

As usual, though, I am glad to share all my tips and tricks to get ready for the holiday as easily as possible. This post pulls together resources from across my blog.

Purim prep list

My Purim Preparations Checklist is the first place to start. It has everything you need to get ready for the holiday in an organized way. Download the pdf version by clicking below:

Purim Preparations Checklist

If you are looking for SHALOCH MANOS ideas, check out the following posts:

If you are looking for COSTUME ideas, check out the following posts:

For ideas on EVERYTHING PURIM, check out these sites:

Have a wonderful holiday!


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