Enjoy time off with your family – 2022 update

The Pesach/Passover preparations are finally done and we can enjoy time off with our families. Some of you may have family in from out of town. Some of you may be still working. However, if your kids are at a Jewish school, they are on Spring Break and may be taking outings with one parent, friends, or babysitters.

I have several resources on my blog to help you make the most of this time! For my non-Jewish readers, these posts can still be helpful to you in choosing outings with your family for any time!

Family Fun Outside the Home – this page of my website offers specific ideas of excursions and links to several directories for a variety of outings no matter where you live. I also included links to find coupons and other deals.

Camp Mommy – Summer fun with kids (2021 Update) – in this post, I offer a free downloadable and printable “Summer Bingo” with a comprehensive list of outings. I have two versions – one specific to St. Louis and one for general use no matter where you live.

These posts are not limited to any particular season, though. I hope you will find them helpful in planning any excursion outside the home!

If I have forgotten something, please let me know. I would love to hear all about your family adventures!


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