St. Louis Orthodox Community — Purim Megillah Readings 2013

I apologize to my non-St. Louis readers that this post will not apply to you. However, it is time for my annual post sharing the Orthodox Megillah readings here in St. Louis. This is particularly helpful for moms with young children who are not old enough to stay up (or be quiet) during Megillah readings.... Continue Reading →

Spring fun with your family

(updated 4/6/17) For most kids who go to Jewish schools, Pesach also means Spring Break. Depending on how many weekdays fall between the Yom Tov days, you could have a few or several outings with your kids! Or perhaps you are just looking for ideas for a weekend outing. Here are some ideas of how to make... Continue Reading →

Become a member!

(updated 4/7/17) I used to think that we couldn't afford to be a member to any local amusement sites because we didn't go enough. Well, I was wrong! I did the math and it is well worth it! I am just going to take one local example. You may have to do your own calculations... Continue Reading →

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