Camp Mommy (2017 Update)

Because I am a teacher, I have my summers off with my boys. We do go to cub scout camp for a few weeks and the boys usually get to go to one week of another camp. However, most of the summer is spent at Camp Mommy. We go on outings most days and I try to keep my four boys happy and busy!

Keeping them occupied is not always cheap, though. So several years ago I researched and created my own Summer Bingo game with various choices of what we could do during the summer and how much each cost. Of course, we spend time at home engaged in various activities, but getting out of the house at least once a day is good for everyone!

We have fun each summer trying to complete as many squares on our bingo boards as possible. The ones with a ♥ are our favorites – outings we do more than once during the summer! I especially like to take my kids to as many programs sponsored by our county library system.

I have added a few new excursions to the last version of my bingo board and also categorized everything by type of activity. The second page includes the Key to the color code. I limited the background colors so it will not use up a ton of ink when printing!

Here are the updated versions for you to download FREE:

To find more details on many of the excursions on my bingo boards, check out my related posts:


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