Cheap rainy day ideas with kids

The weather does not always cooperate with our family plans! Some days off we might have a particular outing planned, and the rain interferes. Here are a few ideas for in and out of the house (no matter where you live). Note that some of these ideas may not be open on a holiday. The ideas with a heart will work for anyone, not just in St. Louis.

Out of the house:

– Visit the Whittle Shortline Railroad store. They have a large train play area.

♥ Ride your metrolink or monorail and see the sights of your city. For St. Louis check out here.

♥ Go to the art museum. In St. Louis, go to the St. Louis Art Museum.

♥ Go to your local science center and enjoy the main exhibit halls. In St. Louis, go to the St. Louis Science Center.

♥ Visit your local library or bookstore. Check to see if any local branches or stores are having a storytime session or author event.

♥ Go swimming in the indoor pool at your local community center. In St. Louis, go to the Jewish Community Center.

♥ Go bowling, roller skating, or ice skating.

♥ Put on your rain gear and go on a puddle search.

♥ Visit an elderly relative or friend at a nursing home.

♥ Go on a factory tour.

♥ Visit an indoor playground. One good local one is at the St. Louis Outlet Mall.

♥ Attend a free family workshop at Bass Pro. Topics include: archery, bird watching, plants and insects, shooting basics, camping basics, animal identification, fishing, outdoor pets, and hiking basics.

In the house:
♥ Enjoy arts and crafts.
♥ Cook together.
♥ Read!
♥ Have family movie time.
♥ Play card games or board games.
♥ Do a science experiment together.
♥ Skype with a relative you don’t see or talk to often.
♥ Build a fort and enjoy playing underneath it.

Some websites to help you in your indoor or outdoor adventures:

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