Buying printer paper by the case

English: A stack of copy paper.Over the past 2+ years, I have been searching for ways to save on things we use a lot of. As a teacher and a graduate student (and coupon clipper), I often have to print documents from home. I do try to use the backs of paper by rerunning paper through again for less important documents. However, paper can still be expensive.

For one ream of the 100% recycled printer paper that I like, it costs $8.49 each. For 10 packs (if I bought them throughout the year as I needed them), it would be $84.90 (not including tax). Those ten packs equal a case. If I buy that same case all at once and through their website (this paper is not available by case at the store), it is $55.99. With any order over $50 online at, the shipping is free.

So about once a year, I buy a case of printer paper online from OfficeMax. They deliver it to my door, so I don’t have to schlep it home via car, and I save $28.91 for one case (these are last year’s prices from 9/2010 when I bought last).

Can’t beat that!

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