(updated 3/17/17)

I came across the website Jewish Life Organized after reading an article in one of the national Jewish magazines around Pesach time a few years ago. I am always trying to make my preparations for the holidays more organized and efficient. This site has all that and so much more! The author, Rivka Slatkin, is wonderful! She has compiled all of her advice, experience, and wisdom from years of holidays and Shabbos and created so many resources to share.

Her website is full of helpful articles, links, products, etc. My favorite, though, are her DIY Jewish Guides (ebooks). I got her free one on Shabbos and loved it so much I bought the rest! She provides checklists, advice, recipes, and more in each one. They are so informative and thorough and easily adaptable to anyone’s needs. It has been the best money I have spent.

I took her ebooks and my own checklists and I now have one binder for Pesach and another one for the other Jewish holidays and Shabbos (divided into sections). I made my own personalized checklists for each holiday and then file her ebooks behind. I reread them each year and adapt my checklists as needed.

I would highly recommend visiting her site!

Here is my Shabbos checklist to give you an idea of how we get ready in our house. (My list used to be just for my husband and I, but as our kids have grown, they each have jobs, too.) Shabbos Checklist family with columns

Feel free to adapt this to your own needs!


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