Earn your “be-prepared” badge!

One of my best friends, Lori, and I always laugh about our different packing styles. Whether it be a vacation or just packing for an outing with the kids, we are opposites. She would often pack a diaper and wipes for a day out with a baby. I, on the other hand, always have a huge diaper bag. I don’t want to ever be without something I need. Neither style is bad, I am just not at all calm enough to pack light!

I also have small “just-in-case kits” in the diaper bag and in my purse. I use a small cosmetic bag to keep it all together. I like to keep on hand various items I might need at any time. Here is a sampling of what they include:

– bandages
– tissues
– ibuprofen
– nail file
– antibiotic cream and Benadryl spray
– feminine products
– eyeglass cloth
– antacids
– a bencher 

In the car I like to also keep a box of tissues, a box of wipes, a pad of paper, pens, and a few bandages. I do not like to keep some of the other items in the car because the heat and cold can cause them to change in consistency and/or spoil. I once had a container of lotion and antibacterial gel in the car. Not a pleasant result after a while!

These little kits have come in handy on many occasions. They save me money in not having to buy something at the last-minute when we are out-and-about and they help me always be prepared!

What do you like to have on hand “just-in-case”?


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