Pesach is coming!

(updated 4/18/22)

Really it is best to start preparing for Pesach/Purim two weeks before Purim. However, that usually doesn’t happen for us. No matter when you start, though, the first thing to do is to print your planning checklist. If you don’t have one, I have included mine below. You can use it as a guide to start your own or just edit it as needed.

Pesach Prep list

Sections include:
– a timeline of tasks to be done
– an inventory of supplies we own for Pesach (this helps with deciding what we need or want to buy this year)
– our perpetual list of Pesach groceries and supplies to buy each year
– a wish list of items we might like to get (over the years throughout our marriage we have added a few things here and there)


1) If you look at the Pesach prep list, your first tasks should be placing any orders for food and matzah, printing reference lists for the holiday, and determining a schedule for your other cleaning and preparations. I have an ideal schedule on the list, but I have to alter it based on when I am really getting started!

2) I also like to print various resources each year to help with my shopping and preparations. Check out my post Super list of Passover resources for the most up-to-date guides.

3) For a great e-book on Pesach preparations, see my post “Review:”

4) Start with a few tasks each day. The years we have been most successful were because we did a little bit at a time, instead of leaving it all for the weekends or the last week or two. That’s not so much, right?

* Check out my other Pesach posts here.


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