Savings Tool Review: Pricegrabber

One of the ways I have saved a significant amount of money has been through buying things online instead of at a brick and mortar store. However, it can definitely be time-consuming to compare prices and search from website to website to determine the best deal (including shipping). I have used Google and Yahoo Shopping, but the process can still be long. I have figured out some important tips and tricks, which you can read at my posts “Online shopping tips” and “Our online shopping list.”

However, one thing you can’t do with most shopping comparison sites is find out when the price drops. I might want an item, but want to wait until it gets cheaper. I now can do that with a site called You can select product favorites, set your target price, and then an email will be sent to you when the item drops below that price!

I had read about PriceGrabber recently in several sources, including one of my favorite magazines, “Shop Smart.” You can see my review here. You can shop right through the PriceGrabber website, seeing comparisons on prices from a variety of online sources – big and small. You can also just use its tools such as detailed product information and reviews, as well as merchant ratings and reviews. I definitely will use their Buying Guides for 19 categories of products, including almost 150 products!

Other features include: a Storefront to sell your own products if you don’t have a website, local deals, gift ideas, weekly specials, coupons, and mobile apps. If I had a smartphone, I would definitely want the mobile app so I can check online prices when I am at a store!

Let me know what you think of this website/tool and if you find it helpful! I am looking forward to using it for more efficient online shopping! 


1) Refer to your Price List if the items you are buying are ones you regularly purchase and keep track of prices on. See my post “Keeping a price list” for a copy of the form and tips for creating your own.

2) Make your final purchases through other websites like Shop at Home, Ebates, and others that give you a rebate on your purchases. There are others that give a percentage to the organization, charity, or school you select.

3) Also, check (or your email newsletters from specific retailers) for any online coupon codes to apply to your order. These will not be shown on the price comparison pages.

* I am not being compensated for, nor was I asked, to write this review. It is simply part of my research into tools to help my family and others save more money and shop more efficiently!


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