Kids’ Rosh Hashanah Mitzvah Checklist

Have you used my Kids’ Mitzvah Checklist for Rosh Hashanah? My kids loved it and it was cute to see them get even more excited about doing each thing because they would also earn a sticker. (In some cases they earned more than one like for hearing shofar, davening, and setting the table.) I told them that after this set of holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), we would take a special outing in honor of all the mitzvos they had done! I don’t want to reward them with a prize, because we do that for their regular behavior charts. I want this to be special!

However, as we celebrated the holidays, I realized that a few changes were needed:

  • I left a few things off the checklist. I added “I benched nicely after a meal,” and “I was helpful in welcoming or serving guests.” These were two things I gave my older son extra stickers for.
  • I also reorganized the chart to have the tasks in chronological order for the holidays. This will make it much easier for me to find each item!
  • I also added clip art for my younger children to make it easier for them to find the right square for their stickers. Thanks to for their great clip art!

Here is the updated result. Hope you like it. It may be too late to use it for this year, but you can save the file for next. I plan to do another one for Sukkot!

Kids’ Mitzvah Checklist for Rosh Hashanah

Hope you have an easy fast today and that your Rosh Hashanah was meaningful!

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