Choosing modest swimwear is now easy!

Although we are all thinking about Pesach and spring cleaning right now, the weather is warming up and many people are thinking about vacations and summer plans. I am making plans for my boys for camp and need to change over their clothes soon (from winter to spring)!

With this in mind and my continuing efforts to update my most popular blog posts, I have updated my post on Modest Swimsuits for frum women. Since I first wrote the post some of the companies have gone out of business, while others have expanded their selections. I also added one company from Israel that has surprisingly reasonable shipping! My best friend bought me a skirt/leggings and shirt from here that I love!

So if you are planning to swim with your family this summer and would like to do it dressed modestly, check out my post above detailing the different options. I have included what each site offers as well as prices and other details.

In the meantime, if you are looking for Pesach inspiration, check out the following recent posts:


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