Passover is over – now what?

Right now most of us are preparing for the last days of Passover/Pesach, but in just a few days it will be time to say goodbye to the holiday. There is always so much to do to put things back in order. Whether this is your first Pesach or you are a veteran at all it entails, I hope you will find my tips helpful. In my continuing efforts to update my old posts, I have revised my three posts on what to do after Pesach.

  1. Putting away Pesach – tips and lists of how to pack up Pesach and reflect on the holiday.
  2. Check the Passover clearance sales today! – Tips on stocking up to save for next year.
  3. Shop those Easter sales today! – Ideas for what to buy at the post-Easter sales whether or not you celebrate.

I hope you all had a meaningful and restful Pesach! Thank you for reading!

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