Post-holiday sales haul for Spring 2017

(updated 4/21/17)

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have seen my many posts about post-holiday sales. I love shopping after holidays to find the discounts and great deals! You never know what you might find! I try to get to at least one store after a holiday if possible, however, some times of year get busier than others.

Post-Easter sales:

TARGET: Wednesday (4/19) I needed something at Target for school and did a quick Target shopping trip and had in mind to check out the Easter sales. It was three days after Easter, though, so I wasn’t sure if there would be many good deals left. Here is what we found:

Photo Apr 19, 6 53 24 PM

  • Cadbury mini eggs (one of our favorite Easter candies) – bought 6 packs, regularly $.79 each, paid $.55; savings = $1.44
  • Notepad sets (for the gift drawer) – bought 2 sets, regularly $3, paid $.90 each; savings = $4.20
  • Oreo Marshmallow Peeps flavor (treat for my boys) – bought 1 package, regularly $2.99, paid $2.09; savings = $.90
  • Wilton sprinkles multi-pack container (for a future baking recipe) – bought 1 package, regularly $4.99, paid $3.49; savings = $1.50

That is $18.72 worth of products for $10.68  (without tax) = a savings of $8.04! If you add our 5% Red Card discount, that is another $.40 saved.

Check out my post Why I love Target! to learn more ways to save at Target. You can also read about how shopping for gifts year-round saves us money: Preparing for gift-giving = savings.

WALMART: During a regular shopping trip to Walmart on Friday (4/21) which was already 5 days after Easter, I checked to see what they had left in their Easter clearance. I really wanted some plastic eggs to use for an activity at school, but no luck. Here is what I did find:

Photo Apr 21, 4 56 19 PM

  • Mini chess game (for the prize box at Hebrew school) – regularly $1.98, paid $.49; savings = $1.49
  • Reese’s peanut butter eggs (my family loves peanut butter cups) – regularly $3.24, paid $1.62; savings = $1.62
  • DK Board book (good for my gift drawer) – regularly $5 (list price $5.99), paid $2.50; savings = $2.50

That is $10.22 worth or products for $4.61 (without tax). Savings = $5.61!

Note: Now you might be critical of me for buying treats if we are trying to save money/spend less. But I view it as the opposite. I feel less guilty splurging on a treat for my family when we are saving money on it!

Post-Passover sales:

My husband also made it to Schnucks, our local grocery store, on Wednesday (4/19) to pick up a few chometz items. The mark-downs were not great yet, but he found a few things:

Photo Apr 19, 7 01 18 PM

  • Yehuda five-pack of matzos – regularly $12.99, paid $7.79; savings = $5.20
  • Manischewitz cake mix – regularly $6.49, paid $3.89; savings = $2.60 each

That is $25.97 of Passover food for $10.40 (without tax) = a savings of $15.57.

So by shopping at three different stores’ post-holiday sales this week, we saved $29.22!

To get ideas of other items you might buy and tips for shopping the post-Passover and post-Easter sales, check out my posts:



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