Shop those Easter sales today!

(updated 4/18/22)

I love shopping post-holiday sales and Easter is no exception. My favorite places to look for after-holiday sales are Target, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Tree, and grocery stores. You may think that if you do not celebrate that holiday that there will be nothing you need. Not the case! Here are some ideas for things to buy:

Baskets and filler – If you find some that don’t look too Eastery, you might buy several to use next Purim for shaloch manos containers. You might get some containers to store in your gift drawer, too! (See my post Preparing for gift-giving = savings.) The filler is also good for a bug sensory table if you are a preschool teacher. My students loved it!

Plastic eggs – If you are a teacher or a homeschooler, you can use these plastic eggs for teaching dinosaurs (they are fun for hiding around the room or for burying in the sand table with little plastic dinosaurs inside) or as containers for fun prizes at school or camps. They are also good for balancing games, math manipulatives, and letter games. Pinterest has a ton of uses for them!

Stickers – Great for reward charts or art projects for parents and teachers.

Bunny ears – My kids love these for pretend play. They might also come in handy for a costume sometime. One of our boys was a bunny just last year! See my post Purim inspiration (Ideas from 2016).

Girls’ dresses – There are tons of great spring dresses out now. Even the non-tznius (non-modest) ones can be paired with a long-sleeved or 3/4-length shell. Take advantage of the sales!

Spring cookie cutters – Look for fun spring shapes in pastel colors. Great for your next homemade cookie-making session or for playing with playdough!

Small toys and gift items – This year (2017) I found cute note pad sets that I will add to my gift drawer. They will be great to add to a birthday gift or for a teacher gift. You can find lots of small toys for kids that are great for a prize box at home or school, too.

If Easter does not fall during Passover or you are able to hit the clearance sales right after the holiday, you can also get:

Baking items – They might have colored sprinkles or bunnies on them, but who cares! Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, frosting, sprinkles, etc. still taste the same and why not enjoy the discount. This year we are trying the Marshmallow Peep Oreos and found a cute set of sprinkles to add to baked goods!

Candy – Stock up on your favorite Easter candy at big discounts. Our favorite is the Cadbury Mini Eggs.

For more ideas on what to buy at this time of year, check out my posts:

Happy shopping!


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