It’s time to shop for school supplies!

I can’t believe it, but I started school supply shopping today! The displays are already out, which is crazy since my boys have barely had a month of summer and I have only been out for two weeks! But the sales don’t stop for schools that end late!

So it was off to start shopping for school for me. I have a large shopping list with four children and two teaching jobs. To get everything we need and not spend a fortune, I have developed a fool-proof strategy I use each summer.

To see the details, read my updated post School Supply Shopping Strategy.

For example, today I got all the things above for only $8.85 (not including tax) at Office Depot/Office Max:

  • small legal pad, $1/each = $1.00
  • index cards, $.50/pack = 3 packs for $1.50
  • mini stapler, $1/each = $1.00
  • highlighters, 5-pack, $.50/pack = 3 packs for $1.50
  • cap erasers, 12 ct., $.25/pack = 3 packs for $.75
  • 7″ scissors, $1/each = 3 scissors for $3.00
  • 2-pocket folders, $.01/each = 10 folders for $.10

I even found primary composition notebooks for $1 each! I got one for each of my students!

Do you have any tips for school supply shopping? Please leave your tips in the Comment section!

For more summer savings, check out:



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