Find the best online coupon codes with Honey

(updated 7/11/17)

I stumbled upon a money-saving app today while browsing Facebook. Honey is a service that scours the Internet for online codes for various online retailers. The app automatically applies the best code when you check out. You can also click on the Honey icon at the top of your browser when you are shopping to see what deals are available from that retailer.

I tried a test and it was so easy! Honey adds a simple extension to your browser. (I used it with Google Chrome.) When I got to the checkout on my test order, a window popped up from Honey telling me:

  • how many coupon codes there were available for that site
  • how much cash back I could earn.

You then click on the “Save Money” button and it will then test out all the different codes and find you the best possible deal!

I had previously used, but on that site you have to enter in each code manually and you never know which will work. It can take forever to find the right code! Honey does this in just seconds! And even if there is no code, you get a percentage cash back just for using Honey!

I don’t have any online shopping to do right now, but will be sure to post my savings when I do!

Let me know how you like it!

Update: While shopping on Amazon Prime Day, I discovered two other features of this app. When I was looking at each item I was interested in, there were two added buttons under the item’s name. One tells how much (and details, even including sales tax) you could save by buying that item from a different Amazon seller. The second allows you to add the item to your DropList. Honey will notify you in the next 30 days if the price of your item drops.

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