Earn cash back with Walmart Savings Catcher

I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I love finding good deals and paying low prices, but I hate how the store is not always clean and things are not always where I would expect them to be. I often end up going back to another end of the store because I didn’t find something on my first time around!

However, there is a very simple way to save more money when shopping at Walmart. They have a Savings Catcher program available through their Walmart app. All you have to do is scan your receipts* into the app (within 7 calendar days of purchase). The program then reviews weekly shopping ads in your area and gives you money back for the difference of any lower prices found at competitors’ stores.

I scan the receipts as I am entering them into my Quicken checking register. The cash you earn back is automatically added into your Walmart account via an eGift card.

It used to be that you could print a barcode to scan at the register to redeem your cash back. Now, you have to open the app, Click on “Services” and then click on “Walmart Pay.” You then enter the pin you have assigned and it will allow you to scan a QR code at the checkout. The Savings Catcher eGift card will then be applied to your purchase as well as the debit or credit card you have on file. Click here for more instructions. You can also use the eGift card for purchases on Walmart.com. They offer free two-day shipping on all items marked as “Free 2-day shipping” if the order is over $35.

I already have more than $10 waiting for me from the past year of purchases! If you go there more than once or twice a month like us, you can save even more!

* Note: You can only add up to 7 receipts in a week, so if you are a very frequent Walmart shopper, only scan your largest receipts, not those for just a few items.

Let me know how you like it!

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