Helping the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting

I attended the local vigil in St. Louis today to remember the victims of yesterday’s horrific shooting in Pittsburgh. However, I was saddened that not enough was discussed about specific things we can do to help. I know that solidarity, awareness, and hope are very important. However, the practical side of me wants to take action.

Yes, this blog is not a political one, but I would like to use my small influence to spread information. I would like to share a few resources for us all to take action against yesterday’s crime.

1) Donate money and/or blood.

  • Check out this great article posted today with links to the Tree of Life synagogue as well as a GoFundMe campaign to support the families and synagogue.
  • To donate blood near you, check out the American Red Cross’s Find a Drive tool.

2) Tell your federal and local lawmakers how you feel and what changes you would like to see!

3) Preventing an environment of hate:

Check out this great article on regarding what else we can do to prevent future violence like this.


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