Coordinated costumes and shaloch manos 2020

I know we are all in Pesach-mode right now, but I wanted to share one last Purim post for this year. Some of my friends had some amazing Purim costumes that they coordinated with their shaloch manos! Their creative, thorough, and well-carried out ideas were fantastic! I mentioned some of them in my gallery post earlier this week, but here are the specifics.

Blooms costumes



  • Girls’ dresses found on Amazon (She had to shorten her youngest daughter’s.)
  • Hats also from Amazon
  • Boys’ shirts were from Morocco (her mom had been there last year)

Shaloch manos:

  • Hot cup
  • Stash Moroccan mint tea
  • Joyva Halvah bar
  • Homemade rugelach
  • Label with family picture

Blooms table

They even decorated for their seuda with the same theme! Stunning! Thanks Bella & Yosef!



  • Bow-ties and white button-downs for all
  • Suits or tuxedos for the men
  • Black skirts for the women
  • Black plastic top hats

Shaloch manos:

  • Ring Pop
  • Black and white sandwich cookies
  • Hamantashen
  • Hershey’s Cookies & Creme chocolate bar

Thanks Vicki & Marc!

Staums card



  • Farmer costumes from
  • Cow costume – borrowed
  • Chicken costume from Old Navy

Photo Mar 10, 8 51 46 PM

Shaloch manos:

Thanks Racheli & Yitzie!



  • Toddler’s pizza costume from Amazon
  • Older child’s pizza costume: handmade, painted hard material
  • Chef costume from Amazon (with ketchup smeared on it)
  • Coke costume:
    • soda caps and soda label glued on red tutu
    • painted hard cardboard for hat, glued onto a headband
    • soda caps glued onto a thread for necklace
    • Coca Cola bottle earrings
  • Fries costume:
    • painted cardboard box
    • painted Styrofoam for the fries
  • Pizza box costume: cut pizza boxes


Shaloch manos:

  • Pizza boxes from Amazon
  • Pepsi soda can
  • Mini pizzas
  • Pizza-flavored Bissli

Thanks Tami & Michael for sending your pics all the way from Israel!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Have a wonderful Pesach!

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