Customize your news

Thanks to my husband I found a great way to keep up with various news topics I am interested in. I was looking for a way to find out the latest news pertaining to my job without having to Google the topics and then come up with a million results. He told me about iGoogle which lets you create a customized desktop of various feeds. You will need to create a Google account first. You do not need a Google email account to do this.

It took me a few minutes to pick a theme I liked for the top and to figure out how to change my feeds:

1) Go to the wheel at the top R corner and select iGoogle settings. Change the settings as you wish. After you “Save” (on the top right) it will bring you back to your iGoogle homepage.

2) Then go the left side of your page and click the “Add gadgets” button. You can search by topic or specific keywords to find gadgets that you want to add to your page. Then click on the iGoogle icon on the top left to return to your customized homepage.

3) You can then move things around your page just by dragging them to where you want them. A dotted box will appear when you have dragged it to a place it can be dropped.

* Some of the gadgets I added were: Wisebread, Consumerist, Yahoo Finance: Money Matters by Suze Orman, Lifehacker, Cyber Bullying News, Latest Education News, Date & Time, Fly Lady: Today’s Mission and Tip of the Day from

What a great way to keep up with several sites at once and review headlines without going to each website!

Check it out! Let me know what great gadgets you find!


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