Holiday gifts, Part 3 — Home/Handmade

In high school I started a holiday tradition of making handmade gifts for my stepmom’s relatives. I, of course, didn’t have a lot of money, but I loved crafts. By making gifts I was able to do something thoughtful for my loved ones and it fit within my budget.

Some projects I have made over the years have included: ornaments made from Styrofoam balls, wooden Christmas trees, ribbon sachets, and stenciled notecards. As a married woman I have continued the tradition for my family and friends by making: picture frames with sculpey clay decorations, caramels, hot cocoa mix, hand-stamped personalized notecards, handmade soaps, wooden painted picture frames, a perpetual birthday calendar, and a standing picture holder. I have even made gifts for the kids like word and picture magnets.

Here are some great sources for ideas to make your own homemade/handmade gifts:

Family Fun Magazine

Real Simple Magazine

Amazon – Do a search for jar mixes, homemade gifts OR gifts from the kitchen. If you don’t want to buy, look for some at your local library.

Michael’s Project Center

“Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays: DIY Gifts You Can Make With Your Kid” from LearnVest.

“Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays: 8 DIY Holiday Gifts” from LearnVest.


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