Surf, shop, and share to earn rewards and prizes!

There are two basic components to living on a tight budget: spending less and earning more. I have written many posts on how to spend less. However, there are ways to earn more as well:

∞ Sell items you are done with or don’t need (Ebay, yard sales, consignment shops) or donate them and keep your records for a tax deduction.
∞ Make the most of your talents by offering a product or service to others.
∞ Get products, services and information for free! See my posts on freebies and free resources online and ways to do it yourself.

Did you know that you can also EARN freebies for activities you already do online like shopping, searching, browsing and sharing? Below are several websites that offer you ways to EARN cash back, freebies, and high-value coupons.

Recyclebank – by committing to actions that help our environment, you can earn free products and high-value coupons.

Swagbucks – earn freebies by surfing the web, watching videos, answering polls, playing games and more.

Ebates – earn cash back from purchases made through their network of stores.

Shopathome – earn cash back from purchases made through their network of stores.

Shop at Walgreens and CVS and earn Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks. See Kosher on a Budget’s tutorials: “How to shop & save at Walgreens” and “How to shop at CVS”.

Rewards clubs – Check any stores (online and brick and mortar) that you frequent often to see if they offer a rewards program. See my posts on rewards programs and birthday freebies (which are often part of rewards programs).

Please add any more you have heard of in the Comments section!


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