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Surf, shop, and share to earn rewards and prizes!

There are two basic components to living on a tight budget: spending less and earning more. I have written many posts on how to spend less. However, there are ways to earn more as well:

∞ Sell items you are done with or don’t need (Ebay, yard sales, consignment shops) or donate them and keep your records for a tax deduction.
∞ Make the most of your talents by offering a product or service to others.
∞ Get products, services and information for free! See my posts on freebies and free resources online and ways to do it yourself.

Did you know that you can also EARN freebies for activities you already do online like shopping, searching, browsing and sharing? Below are several websites that offer you ways to EARN cash back, freebies, and high-value coupons.

Recyclebank – by committing to actions that help our environment, you can earn free products and high-value coupons.

Swagbucks – earn freebies by surfing the web, watching videos, answering polls, playing games and more.

Ebates – earn cash back from purchases made through their network of stores.

Shopathome – earn cash back from purchases made through their network of stores.

Shop at Walgreens and CVS and earn Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks. See Kosher on a Budget’s tutorials: “How to shop & save at Walgreens” and “How to shop at CVS”.

Rewards clubs – Check any stores (online and brick and mortar) that you frequent often to see if they offer a rewards program. See my posts on rewards programs and birthday freebies (which are often part of rewards programs).

Please add any more you have heard of in the Comments section!


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Not just a drop in the bucket!

Our water bill is not the hugest of our bills, but I still am always trying to find ways to save on water. It not only benefits our budget, but helps the environment.

One thing we did a few years ago was to install a new showerhead. We got an evolve Roadrunner at our local Earth Day festival. This showerhead not only is low flow (1.5 gallons per minute), but it has a neat ShowerStart device. You turn on the shower and once it gets hot, it shuts down to a trickle. This way if you are doing other things while the water is warming up, you are not wasting water. When you hear the shower flow change, you can get in. Then you pull the lever and it goes back to full force. We love it! Here is a link to see the product (and others by the same company):

Below are some other resources to help you in your quest to save dough and water!

Water: Use it Wisely
This site ( includes:
“100 Ways to Conserve”
– a great extensive list of links and resources
– information for kids
– a blog with current news and information

On this website you can take a tour to investigate water savings opportunities around specific areas of your home. 

This is a program of the EPA to increase water efficiency. They also sponsor the WaterSense labeling program, which promotes water efficient products and services. The website also includes information on tips for water efficiency in your home, rebates for installing WaterSense labeled products, a tool to calculate your water savings, and information for kids.

Other things you can do:
The EPA offers tips for what you can do to protect human health and the environment with respect to potential threats to water supply.


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Cash back for protecting Mother Earth

The government has been trying to promote energy efficiency by sponsoring federal and state tax credit and rebate programs. These programs provide an incentive for you to get rid of your used appliances or to make energy efficient improvements to your home. If you already are looking for a new appliance or making upgrades to your home, you benefit two-fold. You get a product that will perform better and more efficiently and get some money back! There are currently two programs going on:

Tax credits for energy efficiency improvements to your home:
∞ From the Energy Star program:

Cash for Appliances:
This is the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program which gives cash back for replacing your used appliances. Not all states have current rebate programs running.
∞ From the Energy Star program:
∞ More Energy Star rebate info. from Sears:
∞ From the U.S. Department of Energy:
∞ Your local local utility company. For St. Louis visit:


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