Sports freebies for kids

Many professional and amateur sports teams offer kids’ clubs to help get kids interested in their teams and to promote athletics and fitness. These clubs often offer free tickets, souvenirs, and other related items. To find one in your area, Google your favorite sports’ team’s name and “kids’ club” to see what is available. Or check out the links below.

Major League Baseball:

To find the kids’ club for your local baseball team, check out Kids.

National Hockey League:

The NHL Kids website does not have links to individual hockey teams’ kids’ clubs, however you can find links to the various teams’ websites here. It does have games, programs and other information for kids, though.

National Football League:

The National Football League website did not have a kids’ section at all, but you can link to individual football teams’ websites here.

National Basketball Association:

The NBA Hoop Troop is a fun site for kids with games, scores, videos, and more. To link to individual team websites, click here (you have to click on the pull down menu “Teams” at the top left of the website to get to links for each team).

If you live in St. Louis, here are links for our main sports’ teams’ kids’ programs:

St. Louis Cardinals – Cardinals Kids

St. Louis Blues – Jr. Blue Note Kids Club

St. Louis Rams – Rams Kids Club

Thanks to Michelle and Sally for this idea!


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