Recycle your unused medicines

(updated 4/20/17) Have you ever wondered what to do with your leftover medications? I hate to throw out anything that might have another use or can be recycled. I've never wanted to throw old medicine for fear that an animal might eat it at a landfill and get sick. If I flush them, I worry about polluting our... Continue Reading →

SodaStream soda makers!

(updated 3/5/17) I admit it; I love soda. When I am stressed I crave two things – soda and chocolate. However, I realize that my waistline and budget are not thanking me for these two things. So in February 2012 we bought a SodaStream soda maker. I got a particularly good deal with a $20 off... Continue Reading →

Review: Safe Mama

Want to know what baby wipes have the fewest chemicals? Need advice on choosing BPA-free products? This is the site to go to then! Safe Mama is an eco-conscious resource for mothers. It includes: - child safety and recall information - resources on links on a variety of topics - links to green stores Best... Continue Reading →

Declutter responsibly

  (updated 4/20/17) Several times a year I get in a decluttering mode. I try to rid my home of things we don’t need, use, or want anymore. It is always nice to earn a little money from getting rid of things, but otherwise my goal is that the items go somewhere they can be used or at least recycled! It... Continue Reading →

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