September is the time to buy…

Certain times of the year are the best times to buy various things based on sales and availability. Here is your tip sheet for this coming month: ∞ Cars: September is when new cars begin arriving at the dealers. They will then discount their older models to make room for new inventory. RV deals are... Continue Reading →

Not just a drop in the bucket!

(updated 4/23/17) Our water bill is not the largest of our bills, but I still am always trying to find ways to reduce our water usage. It not only benefits our budget, but helps the environment. There are several easy things you can do to use less water: ∞ Install a new showerhead - Years ago we... Continue Reading →

Review: ShopSmart magazine

(Updated 2/14/21) ShopSmart Magazine ceased publication July 2020. I am an avid reader of magazines. My love of magazines dates back to my preteen years when I was obsessed with tv, movies, and girl issues. Now I am a mom, wife, and teacher, and I look for magazines not only to entertain me, but to inform me.... Continue Reading →

Learn a new skill

Many articles and tips about saving money expect that you will have all the time in the  world to make everything yourself, fix everything yourself, reuse every item you find, and shop around at a million garage sales and stores. My goal is to provide manageable tips that can be accessible to people who work,... Continue Reading →

Don’t throw it out!

  (updated 4/10/17) There are so many cases where we have saved money by not throwing out something broken. How is that possible? There are several things you can do with an item you might be thinking of throwing out (forgive me if any of this is something you already know): ∞ Fix it: I am fortunate... Continue Reading →

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