Preparing for Pesach 2018

Every year we refine our Pesach/Passover preparations and strive to bring in the holiday in a more relaxed way. I would love to get to the seder and not be too exhausted to pay attention!

Whether you are in the midst of your Pesach/Passover preparations or just beginning, I have many blog posts to help you get organized, get everything done, find recipes, or just get current information.

I just updated my Super list of Passover resources, which is probably the best place to start for any of your planning. If you are from St. Louis, you will also want to check out the Vaad’s Passover Guide here.

To see various Passover/Pesach posts I have written over the years, see below:

Organization and general tips:

Family tips:

Saving money:


Chol Hamoed:

After Pesach:

Chag Sameach to everyone!


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